PETPAL Products Co., Ltd. has been certified by The central Islamic consult of Thailand for Halal Food. To ensure that in every products of our company since the production process, production facility, quality control and transportation are hygienic and safe for your beloved pet

Monday 16th September 2019


Petpal paticipated in White factory program or project "Solution to drug problems in an establishment according to the labour welfare division, department of labour protection and welfare Petpal encourage employee to know the danger of drugs and campaign for employees not to use drugs, not to sell, not related to all types of drugs by organizing various promotional activities such as annual health checkups

Wednesday 4th September 2019


PETPAL Products Co., Ltd. has sent the employees to attend the Safety Training Our company realizes the importance of work safety and therefore sends our employees to train as an occupational safety officers in accordance with the ministerial regulations on the administration and management of occupational health safety. and environment

Monday 2nd September 2019